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Our refund policy is there are no refunds, exchanges, substitution, transfers, or credits.

Our refund policy is there are no refunds, exchanges, substitution, transfers, or credits.

We provide the lowest prices and even lower prices when you commit early. Think of it like the airlines, you get the lowest price when you choose the option that is not refundable. So if you’re on the fence, register late or onsite when you are 110% sure you are competing.

Why are we so hardcore? 0ur production is way bigger and better than the competition. A $15 million dollar theater is more expensive than a basement convention room or the Elks Lodge. Flying in and compensating multiple Olympia champions and the top judges takes some cash. We commit BIG time to bring you the absolute best which is why we need you to commit big time when you register for our shows.

Additionally, we are NPC and IFBB events put on by NPC and IFBB athletes. We know that no prep is perfect. You have to power through the adversity. We all get hurt, work sucks, family members get sick, car accidents happen, etc, etc. So we are holding you accountable to make you a better athlete. In the event our show is postponed, we  commit to you by providing the show at the next best date and will automatically transfer your registration, competitor needs, and tickets to that date.

Do we make exceptions? Well sorta. You need a doctor’s note on a doctor’s letterhead submitted prior to the show. However, we reserve the right to say, “Still not good enough.” Remember when Whitney Jones won the Arnold with a torn ACL while wearing a knee brace? If she can pull that off, your medical emergency needs to be worse. A sinus infection isn’t gonna cut it. A pulled hamstring won’t either. If it is torn, we need to see the MRI. We will call the doctor to verify the letter.

You see, there is an uncanny number of sick grandmothers and medical emergencies in the 2 weeks before the show…

Finally, if you do have a VERY serious medical emergency that you want to run by us, we will respond to your message AFTER the event. In the final weeks leading up to the event, we have to assure that we are 110% on point for the thousands that will attend. In the event your medical note is approved after the show, you will need to pick the next Center Podium Event you will transfer to.

Occasionally, people attempt to circumvent this policy by submitting a chargeback on their credit card or Paypal. In such cases, we will pursue the funds in court, submit to collections, and submit a report to the NPC office with a recommendation of suspension. Of course, such dubious behavior will result in suspension from every Center Podium event.

When you purchase ANYTHING on our website, you are agreeing to these terms and you cannot complete a transaction without initialing that you agree to these terms.